Speed Shop

Performance Speed Shop

A comparison of a 30 day period to the same time during the previous year reveals a 257% increase in conversions and a 53% drop in cost / conversions.

California Insurance Agency

California Insurance Agency

A comparison to the previous year reveals a significant increase in conversions as well as a reduction in cost.

Canada Auto Loans

Canada Auto Financing

After 2 months into managing this campaign the client was already generating $43 leads, which was nearly a 70% drop.

Michigan Medicare Agency

Medicare Agency in Michigan

This client realized an immediate increase in leads and saw their cost get cut in half within the first 30 days of being in my care.

Massage Envy_2

National Massage Spa

This client was generating 143% more leads within 3 weeks of my initial optimization. The cost increase for this boost was negligible.

Lawn Care Company2

Lawn Care Company

In less than 6 weeks this new campaign was generating $30 leads with nearly a 15% conversion ratio, not including calls which brought it to 26%.

National Skin Care Co.

National Skin Care Company

This client realized a significant boost in ROI within 2 months of optimization. Sales were up and costs were down considerably.

National Marine Retailer

National Marine Retailer

This client's CPA was reduced by 83% after my initial optimization. Note that nearly 30% of the leads for the entire year followed my adjustments.

Higher Ed

Private Higher Education

Within 2 months of rebuilding this client's campaign, their conversion costs dropped by nearly 80% and their conversions increased by 70%.

Solar Investor

Solar Investment Firm

Within the first 30 days of optimization, lead volume increased by 128% while the cost for those leads decreased by nearly 50%.

Personal Injury Law Firm

Personal Injury Law Firm

This client was generating pharmaceutical class action lawsuit leads. Within 90 days leds were up 300% and cost was down by over 50%.

Nat. Mold Removal Products

Nat. Mold Removal Products

By the end of my first month managing this account they were enjoying a 200%+ increase in sales and a 23% increase in ROI.